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    – Try with another browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, etc.)
    – Try with another device (computer, tablet or cell phone)
If none of these solutions work, we regret to inform you that it will be impossible to view and use it in our games. HOWEVER, alternative solutions are offered in the game to overcome this. These will be visible when the time comes.
 The answer you need to write on the Cryptex is: TEST

Explanation for the various tools available throughout the game

to know the guidelines specific to this game.
will allow you to access various hints.
will allow you to view the answer (use only as a last resort).
listen to background music (unavailable on vertical screen (smartphone or tablet)).
will be used to input your answer for each stage of the game.


A famous chocolate factory has recently announced that it will soon be releasing a new kind of chocolate: Turkoiz chocolate, with its natural colouring! As the foodie that you are, you rush to the store, but its closed! You can’t resist the wait and decide to sneak into the chocolate factory to take an exclusive bite out of the new product. You successfully infiltrate the premises without a hitch and find the chocolate presentation dish, at which point you gorge yourself without restraint! Until… you notice the HUGE poster placed above the dish that says it’s hazardous to eat this chocolate, as its still in the prototype stage, and turns anyone who tastes it into chocolate in just a few hours! Fudge! What kind of mess have you gotten yourself into? 


Find a way to reverse the effects of the Turkoiz chocolate before the chocolate factory reopens!


Answers can consist of letters or numbers
The passwords to advance in the game each consist of a single answer, to be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS.


You must find everything you need to get back to your normal state and then proceed to the conclusion of the game!

important TO KNOW

Average time to complete the game : Between 1h00 and 1h15.