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    – Try with another browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, etc.)
    – Try with another device (computer, tablet or cell phone)
If none of these solutions work, we regret to inform you that it will be impossible to view and use them in our games. HOWEVER, alternative solutions are offered in the game to overcome this. These will be visible when the time comes.

 The answer you need to write on the Cryptex is: TEST

Explanation for the various tools available throughout the game

to know the guidelines specific to this game.
will allow you to access various hints.
will allow you to view the answer (use only as a last resort).
listen to background music (unavailable on vertical screen (smartphone or tablet)).
will be used to input your answer for each stage of the game.


As every year, your family gets together at the cottage to celebrate Christmas, of course, you still have to show up! As if everyone had to love Christmas… but this time around, you won’t let yourself be had. Do they really think Christmas is fun? You’re going to prove them wrong. The perfect plan is ready to… wreak havoc on Christmas! 


Devise a Machiavellian plan to ruin Christmas and put it into action before the festivities start!


Responses can consist of letters, numbers, or a mixture of both.
Passwords must be written without an accent.


To complete the game, you’ll have to finish making all the bad moves you have planned to ruin the Christmas party. You’ll then reach the conclusion of the game.

important TO KNOW

Average time to complete the game: Between 1h and 1h30.