If you’re unable to view the cryptex, we recommend that you try the following two options:
    – Try with another browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, etc.)
    – Try with another device (computer, tablet or cell phone)
If none of these solutions work, we regret to inform you that it will be impossible to view and use them in our games. HOWEVER, alternative solutions are offered in the game to overcome this. These will be visible when the time comes.
All you need to do is visually analyze the Défi-Évasion logo (padlock) from all angles by rotating it with your mouse on a computer or with your finger on a tablet or cell phone.
 The answer you need to write on the Cryptex is: TEST

Explanation for the various tools available throughout the game

to know the guidelines specific to this game.
will allow you to access various hints.
will allow you to view the answer (use only as a last resort).
listen to background music (unavailable on vertical screen (smartphone or tablet)).
will be used to input your answer for each stage of the game.


While you’re reading in the library, you realize that you’re late for an appointment. You hurriedly pick up your things and head for the exit, but soon discover the door is locked, you’re alone and, to make matters worse, your phone died while you were reading. You have no intention of spending the night in the library, so how are you going to get out !


Solve the riddles to find the key and open the library door.

Answers and Passwords

Riddles have no set format. Answers may consist of letters, numbers, symbols, or a combination thereof. Passwords to advance in the game are composed of one or more answers strung together. The second scenario will be clearly indicated in the game.


To complete the game, you must enter the final answer to the last riddle to obtain the key to the library and access the conclusion.

Good to know

Average time to complete the game: 60-75 minutes.